In gratitude of Mr. Lee’s education and in honor of his career, the Foundation has long prioritized education as a key focus area and created a scholarship program to support students with their post-secondary endeavors. 


Initially, the scholarship program focused on fostering the engineering mindset and assisting in successful manufacturing endeavors within the United States. Priority was given to students from middle class households, who often did not qualify for state/federal aid.  The Foundation’s goal was to support engineering students to complete college on time with minimal, if any, student loans.  


Today, the Foundation's priorities have evolved to include:

  • Scholarships for students pursuing engineering degrees
  • Scholarships for students entering the mental health profession 
  • Professional development opportunities for those in the mental health field
  • Workforce development programs that lead to job realization (preference for programs serving individuals with mental illness) 


Listen to Patrick Lee discuss his experience at St. Louis University and the important role education plays in career success.