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AntiStigma Campaign Launches with Lee Foundation Support

Join the Conversation is an awareness campaign created by the Erie Country Anti Stigma Coalition, a group of 15 Western New York organizations committed to mental health issues.  The Campaign seeks to start a community conversation about mental illness with the goal of educating the public on the real facts of mental illness and normalizing the discussion in order to eliminate stigma. The Campaign will utilize a website, multiple social media accounts, and television commercials to reach residents of Erie County.  


One in five Americans are living with a mental health condition and although almost all mental health conditions are treatable, only 40% of people with a mental illness seek professional help. Research has shown that the perception of mental illness is often negative and, as a result, there is stigma surrounding the topic. Stigma is a barrier to those with mental illnesses seeking and receiving treatment that could help them live happier and healthier lives.  


The Lee Foundation strives to raise awareness of mental illness and serious mental illness.  By partnering with the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition and providing $300,000 to Join the Conversation, the Foundation hopes to reduce stigma associated with mental illness and educate the community about the realities of mental illness. 


To learn more about the Join the Conversation Campaign, you can visit their website:

Facebook: Erie County Anti Stigma Coalition

Twitter: @TalkStigma

Instagram: @TalkStigma

Hashtags: #LetsTalkStigma , #JoinTheConversation


To read more about the campaign and the launch event...


Join the Conversation Microphone